The LENA Project was brought about through a class at the University of Iowa called Fieldwork for Social Innovation. This course encouraged students to find issues in the community and change them. At the event which showcased these projects, the preschoolers of Preucil Preschool were invited and started to learn about how plastic hurts the Earth, with their main concern being turtles. The picture above shows some of those kids looking at one of the projects, which depicted marine animals sculpted out of plastic.

These preschoolers then started a campaign with the help of a few adults. It began with focusing on lessening straw use, and has grown to the multiple campaigns you see today. We aim to

1) Lessen waste, single-use plastic, and our overall carbon footprint

2) Empower individuals to use their voices, especially children

3) Notice our wasteful and non-sustainable behaviors

4) Act purposefully to better the Earth for generations to come


The final note of importance is that although we aim to lessen waste and our carbon footprint, we more importantly aim to be inclusive and understanding of all, so whether it be straws or bags or cups, lessen what you can to make a difference- but never at the cost of yourself or another person.

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