IC Straw-Less Campaign

Lessening Straw Use in Iowa City

This is the original campaign of our group, and the one which was led by the passion of preschoolers. The picture shows one of the preschoolers with a no-straw sign (that he made) taped to his back.


The overall plan of this campaign is two-fold:

1) to encourage individuals to say no thank-you to plastic straws

2) to encourage restaurants to take our pledge and give out straws only when asked for them

We follow these goals in order to lessen straw use on a personal & organizational level, BUT we are a disability-inclusive group, which is why we aim to lessen but not eradicate straws.


If you need one, grab one- if not, skip the straw


Below are the restaurants in Iowa City who have officially agreed to lessen straw use:

Watch the Kids at Work

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